NO MORE EXTERIOR PAINTING ARRIVES IN AFRICA! Revolutionary Coating System Unveiled at GIFEX Show October 18

Vancouver, B.C., October 15 - After 24 years in North America, the CHIC Liquid Vinyl System is finally available in Africa. CHIC (Gh) Ltd., based in Accra, has been selected as the Authorized CHIC Dealer/Distributor for all of Africa.

Far better than paint, CHIC Liquid Vinyl is a complete vinyl coating system that beautifies and protects the exterior walls of homes and commercial buildings, lasting far longer than conventional paint applications. While exterior paint has a limited lifespan, the CHIC Liquid Vinyl application comes with a written lifetime warranty. Introduced into North America in 1984 by Stan Bender, the CHIC Liquid Vinyl System has been used to coat and protect thousands of homes and commercial buildings. Mr. Bender explains that, "the CHIC System will outlast conventional paint because while paint is only meant to last a few years, our system is engineered to last as long as modern technology will allow. There just is no better solution to beautify and weatherproof your exterior walls!"

Historically, painted walls would not hold up to the harsh African climate, and so would need to be redone after only 1 or 2 years. With the CHIC Liquid Vinyl System you know you get a beautiful building that will be perfectly weatherproof for many years to come.

Kofi Boateng and partner Ebenezer Lartey founders of CHIC (Gh) Ltd. are very excited about the opportunity for this product in Africa. According to Mr. Boateng, "In Ghana we face some of the very worst weather conditions anywhere in the world. We need a product that will protect the building from the weather and will last longer that a couple of years. CHIC is the perfect product to fill this need."

CHIC (Gh) Ltd is launching this product at the GIFEX Tradeshow at the Accra Convention Center on October 18, 2008. David Bender, President of CHIC Liquid Vinyl International in Canada, will be attending the product launch.

Kofi Boateng
CHIC (Gh) Ltd.

David Bender
CHIC Liquid Vinyl International Ltd.